Become an elite hacker in HAX for PC and OSX.


The popular digital world of Haxnet has integrated itself deeper and deeper into the lives and livelihoods of its users.  After several high-profile hackers suddenly go permanently off-line, you set out to get to the bottom of their disappearances.

Explore 2 "Parallel" Worlds

Reality and Virtual Reality


As a Freelance IT Professional, you have access to many of the largest data servers on the planet.  Use this to your advantage as you and your digital avatar work together to find out what has happened to your fellow hackers.

warp Haxnet to Your Will


The net is not immediately accessible to the average user, but by hacking into the major servers, you can re-write the source code to suit your needs.


Flood servers with junk data, access security codes to uncover corporate and government secrets, and follow the data trail to lead to your missing peers.

Mind-Bending Puzzles


You can brute force your way through the game only so far before you are caught by authorities.  Hax is an action adventure title that requires you turn on your brain.  That's why thinking ahead and using your special set of skills is the key to success.

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